Striptember Amsterdam / Expo de recursos renovables de energia en Bs.As.

Todos los años se viene realizando en Amsterdam (Holanda) el evento Striptember Amsterdam, el mes de la historieta-novela grafica (muestras-charlas-videos-etc) este año la idea es realizarlo en SIMULTANEO en varias ciudades del mundo... INCLUIDA BUENOS AIRES!
La tematica a dibujar es: Recursos renovables de energia/ Contaminacion Ambiental / Anti-monsanto / Manipulacion genetica de alimentos/ etc......
interesadxs en participar con sus trabajos entren en contacto ya! 
1 de sept ultimo dia para enviar sus trabajos 
- La muestra sera DESDE EL 6 DE SEPTIEMBRE HASTA EL 13 DE SEPT 2014, a 2 cuadras del Congreso (C.A.B.A.)


Los dibujos deben ser en tamaño A3 (color o BYN) en 300 dpi como minimo de resolucion, quienes quieran exhibir alguna obra original tambien pueden hacerlo/ mandar los trabajos a

Todos los trabajos que envien seran publicados tambien en la pag del evento en facebook
Striptember -Expo de recursos renovables de energia en Bs.As.

Striptember Amsterdam, is the Graphic Novel Month with the main theme of Renewable Energy.
The goal is to create exhibitions on the subject of Renewable Energy,
with art from all continents during the month of September.
The epicenter of the event is Amsterdam, where Striptember is celebrating its fourth edition, where now this Graphic Novel Month will expand globally. 
The presentation of the Global Warming Graphic Novel Striptember Amsterdam exhibition will be at the city hall in Amsterdam, which will be the center of the whole event. 
It will contain a selection of the works from all the continents.
The highlight will be the exhibition within the European Cultural Plataform at the Italian Cultural Institute, with works on Renewable Energy from artists from all over Europe.
Confirmed artists: Morcky (Italy), Jan Cleijne (The Netherlands), Kaja Avbersek
(Slovenia) Andy Rocket (Norway), Vladodlak (Macedonia), Anke
Feuchtenberger (Germany), Aleksa Gajic (Serbia), Dominique Goblet
(Belgium), Dunja Jankovic (Croatia), Edmond Baudoin (France) etc.
Until now, our confirmed locations around the world:
Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Italian Cultural Institute,
European Cultural Platform Striptember Amsterdam-group exhibition
Africa, Mozambique, Maputo, location to be confirmed, Sandra Pizura
South America, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Music Studios "La Ultima Frontera", exhibition by Max Vadala
Asia, Inidia, Kolkota, Jadavpir University,
"Carbon Chronicles" exhibition by Sarbajit Sen
and we are still arranging locations and artists in North America and Oceania.
The conditions for participating locations:
-All the events will be free of charge, and there will be no commercial activities in the form of sale for personal profit.
-If there is any sale of the artworks, all profit must go to the local, environmental initiatives and projects.
-The locations cannot serve meat, genetically manipulated food or any hazardous health and environmental products.
-Environmental and renewable energy organizations would be welcome and have full access to all the spots to give lectures and spread their information during the event.
During the event there will be a digital communication between the spots. Pictures
of the whole event, the locations, artworks, and lists of artists can be found and followed via the Striptember Amsterdam Facebook page.
More locations and artists are more than welcome, this is an open call for the
Global action.
If you are interested, please contact us via Facebook the Striptember Amsterdam
page, preferably, before the 10th of August.
Artists will address global and local renewable energy problems and solutions.
The plan is to show a selection of the works from all the continents on an annual base. All the works from all continents that have been exhibited during Striptember Amsterdam Global Graphic Novel Month 2014, will be shown on a various locations during the Striptober Groningen 2014(October)-Music and Comics, Illustrations and Animations Month.

The main theme of this festival, again, is the importance of Renewable Energy.

The festival is celebrating their second edition this year and it's the biggest event revolving around comics in the world, in means of; the number of visitors, and exhibitions that range from being shown at the
Main Square (Grote Markt) till the underground squatter buildings.

The celebration of visual arts will be combined with bands and DJ's promoting renewable energy.

In September 2015 all the works from Striptember Amsterdam Global Warming Graphic Novel Month 2014 edition will be shown on various locations in Amsterdam.